Saturday, February 28, 2009


item # 7 on our list of 23 things...comment on the techno world...any aspect of the techno-world: Technology is the "new frontier" that brings unlimited possibilities....for it is technology that reheated today's soup in just a minute...that bridged the miles between family members in a heartbeat with the smallest of cell phones...that put library books and movies in to the hands of appreciative customers. Technology enhances our so many ways...yet, continues to challenge us to learn, to grow, to try new approaches to old problems. It is not easy...but the rewards are great.

pictures pictures pictures

finished items 1 - 6 on the quest to complete 23 things. one hour con/ed credit to be added...but this has taken quite a bit least, it has taken me quite a bit longer...the techno world is a challenging one.

There are ever so many pictures one can view on the internet...view, download, keep, share. A large number are just average photos, of course, quick glimpses of others' everyday lives. Yet, it is a treasure hunt...for artistic "gems" can be found.

Friday, February 27, 2009

tidal pool treasures

where would I be if not here at the library? why...investigating a tidal pool...looking for treasures. a microcosm of life can be found in this tiny pool...just sit and watch...and relax a bit, hearing the constant murmur of the waves not so far away...and perhaps those waves will leave a treasure for you on the shore.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why blog? 2/20/09

Why blog? This is an opportunity to explore something new...and challenging. Plus, it is an opportunity to earn those elusive technology credits to complete our Continuing Education credit requirement. And, most importantly, this is an opportunity to win a prize!

The easiest of the seven 1/2 learning habits for me is the "1/2"...and that is to have fun. I do enjoy what I am doing...for attitude and reaction are sometimes the only things within your control when tackling work challenges. The most difficult for me is to use new technology to my advantage. I do enjoy when my children (and grandchildren) email photos to me...but I have no clue how to send pictures to them. Technology can enhance communication...and is an avenue to learn so many new things.